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Originally from the Midwest, I moved to Sunnyvale, CA after college and then to Folsom, CA near Sacramento to raise a family. In 2014 I relocated to the DFW area and now live near Frisco, TX. Over the years I've had the good fortune to work with several established tech companies such as Amdahl, Sun Microsystems and Oracle as well as small start-ups like Rubrik in a variety of engineering, architecture and pre-sales leadership roles. I love disruptive information technology and its application and do my best to keep up with the constant change.

I code primarily in Python 3 using Atom, Vim, Chrome and Visual Studio Code. These days I'm focused on full-stack development leveraging a serverless backend with AWS Lambda whenever possible. This keeps operational considerations (and costs) to a minimum. When I need a persistent datastore, I use DynamoDB or RDS.

I prefer Mac OSX and Linux for development and everyday use and started programming in C on BSD UNIX while at Purdue. My Windows experience is mostly end-user and home system admin related. I enjoy hacking small single-board Linux based computer (Raspberry Pi) projects and integrating home automation (Wink, LIFX, Nest, Sonos, etc.) via cloud services.

When time allows, I enjoy running, skiing, motorcycles (currently a R1200RT), as well as playing and promoting Segway Polo. Yes, that's actually a thing. I'd love to get a local team organized in the N. Dallas area!

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