About Me

I've always been passionate about Information Technology and am excited about the explosive adoption of the Public Cloud and the advent of IoT, PaaS and Serverless Computing. I was fortunate to have spent much of my early career working for Sun Microsystems so had a front row seat during the shift to networking computing, development of the WWW, Java and commercialization of the Internet. Those were exciting times for sure and layed groundwork for the mass disruption and accelerated innovation we're seeing today with DevOps, BigData, Containers and Hybrid Multi-Cloud technologies.

I'm CISSP Certified and AWS Solution Architect Associate Certified. I code with vi(m) and Atom and work primarily in Python. I prefer OSX and Linux for development having been a BSD UNIX guy since my early days in the Purdue ECE lab and then using SunOS / Solaris for years. I enjoy hacking small single-board linux based computers (Raspberry Pi) and integrating home automation (Wink, LIFX, Nest, Sonos, etc.) with cloud based services.

For fun I also enjoy travel, running, yoga, as well as playing and promoting Segway Polo. Yes, that's really a thing.

Links to my LinkedIn profile, GitHub & Docker Repositories and current Resume are found above in the top right corner. Click on any of the project circles for summary descriptions and links to the code.

You can contact me at admin@mikeoc.me